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1 Release History

bxp has undergone a number of releases since its first designs in 2005.

Version Date Notes Release Article
1.0 2006-04 Our first public release was in 2006 internally, which saw many of the initial concepts of time management and user management on single pages.
2.0 2007-11 bxp software Release 2 (BER2) was in late 2007 which was the culmination of many months of refinement and saw the module structure and initial completely self contained web management interface.
3.0 2008-05 BER3 was in May of 2008 and had the first pass of formal documentation and support material.
4.0 2008-12 BER4 was in December of 2008 and included the video training, the new BE cube and shield logo. Numerous new functions and cross browser compatibility was introduced, especially for the release of IE 8.
5.0 2009-12 BER5 was in December of 2009 and saw the launch of the new eCourse and eLearning modules.
6.0 2011-05 BER6 was in May of 2011 and after working with Contiuum, the completely overhauled user interface was launched.
7.0 2013-01-30 BER7 was scheduled for June 2012 but was actually put live on 30th of January 2013. It saw the complete restructuring of the page engine of bxp software to improve security, appearance and operability.
8.0 2013-09-19 BER8 went live on Thursday 19th of September 2013. This update saw a complete interface re branding with new layouts, buttons and the new interface generation engine. File:BER8 Release Notes v1-6.pdf
8.1 2013-11-28 BER8 SER1 (Service Enhancement Release 1) went live on Thursday the 28th of November 2013. It saw massive amounts of change on how a user interacts with the system. BER8_SER1
8.2 2014-08-28 BER8 SER2 (Service Enhancement Release 2) went live at 22:00 on Thursday the 28th of August 2014. BER8_SER2
9.0 2015-04-29 bxp Release 9 went live on the 29th of April 2015 to coincide with the rebranding and launch of our new website. Bxp_Release_9
9.1 2016-10-16 bxp Release 9 SER 1 was pushed onto the live servers on the 16th of June 2016 Bxp_Release_9_SER_1_-_Release_Notes
10.0 2017-03-26 bxp Release 10 was implemented on the 26th of March 2017. Bxp_Release_10
10.1 2018-02-27 bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release (SER) 1 was released at 04:00 on 27th February 2018. Bxp_Release_10_SER_1_release_notes
10.2 Q1 2018 bxp Release 10 SER 2 is currently roughly scheduled for Q1 2018. Bxp_Release_10_SER_2_prerelease_notes

No changes during the given period matching these criteria.

2 Award History

Awards 001.jpg

2.1 2008

Date Organisation Result Title Link Photo Photo
2008 - November CCMA Winner Best New Product or Service. (Contact Centre) Link Awards 006.png Awards 005.jpg

2.2 2009

Date Organisation Result Title Link Photo Photo
2009 - November CCMA Highly Commended Best Contact Centre Supplier Link Awards 004.jpg

2.3 2010

Date Organisation Result Title Link Photo Photo
2010 - November CCMA Awards Winner Best New Product or Service. (eLearning) Link Nick2010.png Awards 003.jpg
2010 - November CCMA Winner Contact Centre Supplier of the Year Link Ccma 2010.png Awards 002.jpg

2.4 2011

Date Organisation Result Title Link Photo Photo
2011 - September 2nd Place The Top 25 Contact Centre Technology – 2011 Link Cch 2011 01.png Cch 2011 02.png

2.5 2012

Date Organisation Result Title Link Photo Photo
2012 - June Irish Sales Champion Awards Winner Best Use of Sales Technology 2012 with our partner CPM Ireland Link ISCA014.jpg Isca2012.jpg