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1 Intro

There are two parts to any language, grammar and a lexicon. The lexicon is a collection of words. Grammar provides the rules of how they're stuck together.

Over the years here in All n One we have created some new additions to the English lexicon:

2 Lexicon

Word Meaning Source
Gramalocially "That sentence was gramalocially incorrect", i.e. the grammar and logic were both incorrect. Can be heavily applied to computer programming. PJ
Automagically Without getting into the technical details of something, you press a button and it will happen automatically, but due to a lack of technical understanding will appear like magic. PL

3 Expressions

Phrase Meaning Source
Our differential diagnosis We haven't got a clue what's actually wrong, so here are some of our best guesses. PL
To get a hamster To receive an error message from the bxp platform. PL
I've been hamstered To explain to bxp support staff that you've received an error message using the bxp platform. Anthony Brennan (One4All)
We are infinitely flexible Whatever the client wants the client gets. AF
There may be tactical implications below Whatever you write next is going to cause tons of work. PL
Why, oh why, is this here A coders comment after many late nights which leads to the mirth of other programmers finding this comment years later! PL
I'm not removing this because I don't know what it does A safety positional comment designed to ensure complex code doesn't fall over. PL
It's easier to edit than create. The polite way to say, I'm about to tear your work asunder. CT
This solution is like an onion. There is always another layer underneath and each layer makes you want to cry. Inspiring confidence that the issue to be investigated is going to be complex and require some mental gymnastics. DC
That's great. Well done. What's next? A reassuring phrase to acknowledge 6 months of effort and remove all pretence of celebration to make way for more work to be done. NW
CCLs will always exceed CDAs in a report, 9 out of 10 times A phrase to imply absolutely consistency (sort of) PJ