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1 About All n One Key links

Title Link
Company Details - About All n One About_All_n_One
Core Values All_n_One_-_Core_Values
Meet the Team Meet_the_Team
All n One Structure - Departments All_n_One_Departments

2 Overview

All n One is a compartmentalised business based on specific departmental divisions. The departments are grouped into

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Solutions
  • Services


The following people are responsible for these departments


More details of these people are available here Meet_the_Team

3 The Departments

Department Description Link
01 - Sales Responsible for new Sales. Sales is divided into Inbound and Outbound sales.
02 - Business Development Responsible for Client development. Also referred to as Technical Sales.
03 - Communications Responsible for all Internal and External communications of an operational nature. All_n_One_-_Departments_-_Communication
04 - Infrastructure Responsible for all infrastructure requirements. Traditionally referred to as the IT department.
05 - Back Office Responsible for all back office functions including:
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Accounts
  • Legal
  • Risk
06 - Marketing Responsible for all Internal and External communications of a sales nature. All_n_One_-_Departments_-_Marketing
07 - Content Responsible for the support and development of all content material loaded or created in the bxp platform
08 - Learning Responsible for all the training and development materials internal and external.
09 - Projects Responsible for solution creation.
10 - Frameworks Responsible for all bxp code development, support and enhancement.
11 - Security Responsible for security and compliance requirements. All_n_One_-_Departments_-_Security
12 - Quality Assurance Responsible for the accurate creation and delivery of all departments.
13 - Coordination Responsible for the coordination and timely delivery of all work requests.

4 The Colours of the Departments

Department HTML code
01 - Sales #e17b23
02 - Business Development #f79646
03 - Communication #c2f0ff
04 - Infrastructure #548DD4
05 - Back Office #B2A2C7
06 - Marketing #ffff99
07 - Content #fac090
08 - Learning #953735
09 - Projects #d7e4bd
10 - Frameworks #76923C
11 - Security #7f7f7f
12 - Quality Assurance #ffe3e3
13 - Coordination #eee8f8