Quality checks when setting up a Form

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1 Overview

As an effort to ensure that the quality of forms that we produce for clients these check are for Quality to review and ensure have been implemented on behalf of the client.

Not all these steps are necessary for every form but do serve as a useful checklist when a new form is to go live.

2 Sections

2.1 Preparation

Id Item Training
1. Has the script been supplied and agreed with the ultimate end users / client? Form Validation Script
2. Has the script been reviewed and tested with agents doing dummy calls on the script to ensure flow and understanding? Form Validation Script
3. Have all potential call flow eventualities been reviewed? Outcome - Workflow
4. Has training material been identified for the script? Form - Support and Training materials
5. Do training and quality / testing approval mechanisms exist for the agents going onto this script? Scenario - bxp to create Quality Assurance programs
6. Have call-backs and "exceeds number of contacts" scenarios been scoped? Scenario - bxp for Outbound Campaign management#Managing the Outcomes

2.2 Construction

Id Item Training
1. Have Section Groups been used to divide sections and ensure easy of management? Form Section Group
2. Has colouring been used on different subsections to ensure call flow? Question - Reorder and Restyle
3. Have the outcomes been reviewed for covering all potential processes? Form - Outcomes
4. Has validation been added to the outcomes? Form - Outcome Validation
5. Has logic branching been added and is working correct? Logic Management
6. Has eCourse training material been linked to the script? Form - Support and Training materials#eCourse and External links
7. If the script is being driven by a dialler, has the dialler integration been tested? Scenario - bxp Integration with a Phone System
8. Has inline training comments (Notes) been left on questions? Form - Support and Training materials#Notes

2.3 Setup

Id Item Training
1. Is the form live? Form - Advanced Settings#Access
2. Is the form an appropriate type (inbound, outbound, blended) ? Bxp Form Types
3. Are the dates on the form active for the correct period? Bxp Form Types
4. Have call back supporting elements been turned on and available to agents? Reminders#Call backs
5. Is there an eCourse detailing what management and operational parameters are to be used when the team lead is managing the outbound stacks? (outbound only) Outbound - Queue Management
6. Has the initial stack been set? Outbound - Queue Management#Set the current working outcome
7. Has the team lead been trained on what goes into managing stacks? Outbound - Queue Management

2.4 Data preparation

Id Item Training
1. Is there calling data available? Outbound - Queue Management
2. Has the field mapping to the data been set up? Form_-_Field_Mapping_Management
3. Has the data been loaded? Form_-_Data_Import
4. Has the data been checked that it loaded properly? Form_-_Data_Import
5. Have all translation fields been translated as appropriate (Title, County, Lists, Cross linked fields) Database_-_Data_Cleaning
6. Have blank records been removed? Database_-_Data_Cleaning#Remove_Blank_Records

2.5 Security Access

Id Item Training
1. Have all the agents been added? Create_a_User
2. Have all the agents been granted permission to the module? Create_a_User#Module_and_Sectional_Groups
3. Have all the agents been granted permission to the section? Create_a_User#Module_and_Sectional_Groups
4. Have all the agents been granted permission to the form? Form_-_Security_Access
5. Have all the agents been granted permission to the eCourse supporting content? ECourse_Security
6. Have all the agents been granted permission to the appropriate control bar links? Control_Bar
7. Have the send from email and sms addresses been checked on the form? Form_-_Advanced_Settings#Communications
8. Have the send from email and sms addresses been checked on each outcome? CC-1-5 Contact_Centre_Training
9. Have all the agents been included in the organogram and appropriate teams? Organogram_with_Group_Profiling
10. Have all agents been allocated the correct departments? System_Access_Management_-_Departments
11. Has an organogram level been allocated to the form? Form_-_Security_Access#Security_Group_Tools

2.6 Reporting

Id Item Training
1. What reports are required? CC-1-4 Contact_Centre_Training
2. What frequency are the reports required on? Report_Library_-_Scheduled_Reporting
3. Are the there any data profiling reports required? CC-2-4 Contact_Centre_Training
4. Has the end client got a log in to retrieve the reports themselves? Create_a_User
5. Are control bar links to the reports required and have been granted to the appropriate users? Control_Bar
6. Has the instant visualisation been cleaned up? Data_Profiling_-_Instant_-_Visualisations#Visualisation_-_Current_Status

2.7 Go Live

Id Item Training
1. Has the end client been allowed to review the process? Create_a_User
2. Can a test agent perform the first call in advance of the team go live? User_Profiling_-_Start_Here