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1 Overview

Reminders are the electronic Post-it [1] equivalent in bxp software (bxp).

These handy simple notes can be given dates and time or just left as simple notes of action to be done.

Numerous modules in bxp can create reminders for you, to help you remember key tasks that need to be done.

They appear in the following order on the "Reminders" page. You can access the reminders page at any time from anywhere in bxp by clicking the "Reminders" - "View" green button in the "I Want To" bar at the bottom of the screen.


2 Types

2.1 Call backs

When you use the call back date and time with an outcome in a form it is possible to set yourself a call back for the future to do. This call back will be presented on screen between records or is available in your Reminders.

Call backs are flagged different colours to help you identify which calls are more urgent than others.

  • if your call back is over due, it will be a red flag Flag red.png
  • if your call back is within the next 24 hours, it will be a yellow flag Flag yellow.png
  • if your call back is in excess of 24 hours, it will be a green flag Flag green.png

When you perform the call back it will be automatically removed from your reminders.

If the record is updated by someone else or is completed by someone else, this can also (depending on the settings chosen) remove your reminder as well. i.e. someone has more recently chatted to them so you don't need to call them back.

2.2 Incomplete records

When using the outbound contact module and the system gives you a record to do something with, that record must be saved with an outcome to let the system know how it finished. These records will remain with you till you give them an outcome and update the record. It is important to check daily, if you perform outbound contact, that you have no records that have not been properly finished.

2.3 Tests

If a test is generate in the Testing Centre and is given a time window to be performed within, you will be reminded of all the tests you have to take. Clicking the button to the left of the reminder will take you to the test to be done.

2.4 Appointments

When using the Appointment Diary it is possible for you to be involved in specific meetings / appointments. These reminders will display what appointments you're involved in / have been allocated to.

2.5 SMARTER training plans

Using the Quality Assurance module it is possible to create self directed learning plans specific to each person. When a SMARTER plan is created you will be reminded that you have to do some training to improve your quality scores.

2.6 Your reminders

You can enter your own custom reminders which will be sorted by date and time and then alphabetically if no date / time is set. These reminders are added using the Reminder - Add button in the "I Want To" bar.