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1 Overview

eCourse's are very easy to use. The engine of bxp very closely models the SCORM model to allow for international training modules to be loaded and managed.

As part of sticking to that international standard, unfortunately there are a lot of security considerations.

SCORM dictates that a user might have access to just one page in one chapter in one book. These are known as page level read permissions. However separately a user may need edit permissions to just one page in one chapter in one book. All combinations of security configuration must be supported to meet the standard.

The system goes a level further. If someone creates some useful content (an asset) that material can be managed complete independently from any page. So this is a completely separate set of read and edit permissions as well.

2 Tidy up 2016-11-07

In order to tidy up the eCourse Management module a bit we have shuffled some of the options around to make things a little tidier.

Three new functional groups have been added to the module.

  • Book Security
  • Chapter Security
  • Page Security

They have taken all the security functionality.

There was one stray report in Book Management > Page View Report by Period, which has been moved into the Reporting section.

Users who had Book Management, will automatically get Book Security. User who had Chapter Management, will automatically get Chapter Security. User who had Page Management, will automatically get Page Security.

The primary ease of use, is that the usual book administrator user setup can now be slimmed to

  • Book Management
  • Book Security
  • Chapter Management
  • Page Management

The menus will look cleaner and less cluttered and no operational day to day functionality will be compromised.

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