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1 Overview

This section forms part of the bxp ESS (Employee Self-Service) management system. Employee_Self-Service_(ESS)

1.1 hrsettings forms.png Forms

Forms can be created using Form Management 038.png in bxp tailored exactly to your business needs. Forms here are grouped by the Employee Life Cycle for convenience.

ess forms example 001.png

For the forms to appear pictorially the settings for the Form must be set and the Primary Settings must be configured. Form_-_Advanced_Settings_-_Listing


  • Hire : New Vacancy Request form
  • Hire : New Employee Request form


  • Require : General Request form
  • Require : Fire Risk form
  • Require : Health and Safety form
  • Require : Data Protection Risk form
  • Require : Accident Report form
  • Require : Working Time Act Annual Declaration form


  • Inspire : Contract Extension form
  • Inspire : Pension Change form
  • Inspire : Payroll, Expenses, Commission, Overtime, On Call Allowance enquiries form
  • Inspire : Remuneration Adjustment form
  • Inspire : Security Change Request form
  • Inspire : Flexible Working Arrangement form (FWA)


  • Admire : Asset Allocation Request form
  • Admire : Recommend A Friend form
  • Admire : Education Support form
  • Admire : Health and Safety VDU / Eye Test Request form
  • Admire : Holiday Fund form
  • Admire : Leave Request form
  • Admire : Grievance form


  • Retire : Leaver form
  • Retire : Exit Questionnaire form

1.2 Configuration of forms

For each of these configurations must be filled in.

  • Title
  • Form
  • Category Field
  • Category Value
  • Staff Id Field