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1 Overview

This section forms part of the bxp ESS (Employee Self-Service) management system. Employee_Self-Service_(ESS)

1.1 hrsettings vacancies.png Vacancies

vacances form 004.png

This is a listing of all vacancies available in the organisation.

  • Form is the Id of the form
  • Status Field is the key field which shows / hides applications
  • Status Value is the key word that if is currently in a record will cause it to be displayed.

The remaining fields are used for descriptive purposes

vacances form 003.png

Vacancies are managed by two forms.

Vacancies Form Application Form
The first form is a public listing of all vacancies available. Access to this form is given to all users in the business as this covers off the challenge of advertising all roles internally first. The second form is an Owner Only form. Again access open to all users because OwnerOnly means a user can only see their own records.
vacances form 001.png

When a person spots a vacancy they want to have they use the outcome "Apply for this Vacancy". This creates a record in the second form which is their application which can only be seen by the applicant and the administrators of the application process.