CC-1-1 Introduction to bxp software

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1 Welcome

Welcome to bxp software. Thank you for taking the time to read this material. We hope this guide is helpful and useful to you.

If you need any further support please feel free to email us at or call us in Dublin on +353 1 429 4000 or in London on +44 207 692 0705

2 Overview

All n One is the name of the company that developed and delivers bxp. Founded in 2005 it is based in Ballymount, Dublin 12. More information on the company can be found here All_n_One_-_Start_Here

If you're relatively new to the Internet, we provide a guide to some of the more commonly used terms that happen when using bxp Introduction_to_the_Internet

Using bxp requires an introduction to a number of basic terms Bxp_Basic_Terms

3 Basic Tutorials

With the terms under our belts we can now start into some tutorials.

3.1 Basic Functions

Function Link
Logging In Link
Logging Out Link
Changing My Password Link
Changing My Details Link

3.2 Helpful Functions

Function Link
Creating a Desktop Shortcut and Favourite Link
Tearing away and reattaching a tab Link

3.3 Reminder Functions

What are reminders? : Reminders

Function Link
Adding a Reminder Link
Viewing and Editing Reminders Link
Removing a Reminder Link

3.4 Support Functions

Function Link
Wixi Searching Link
Logging a Help Me! Link
Clearing the cache of your browser Link
Getting Browser Support Info Link
Creating a snapshot for support Link
Logging a Suggestion Link