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1 Overview

Here are some functions that can make general use of bxp on a daily basis a little easier.

2 Creating a Desktop Shortcut and Favourite

A shortcut on the desktop makes accessing bxp a lot faster and where a cookie has not expired can save log in time.

  1. Click and drag the All n One icon in the address bar to your desktop. This will create the shortcut on your desktop which can then rename as required.

If your browser does not facilitate drag and drop shortcuts, then:

  1. Log into bxp
  2. On the main menu, copy the address in the address bar.
  3. Go to the desktop
  4. Right click the desktop and choose “New > Create Shortcut”
  5. Paste in the address from the URL
  6. Click next
  7. Name the Shortcut as you like
  8. Click Finish

This should provide you a clickable shortcut link on your desktop. If your cookie has not expired it will allow you to go into bxp without the need to log in again.

2.1 Tearing away and reattaching a tab

This is best demonstrated using a video, please watch:

Not all browsers and browser versions support tabs