Quality Assurance Training

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Quality Assurance training is how to use bxp software for all aspects of Quality Assurance delivery.

Our training courses available are:

1 Level 1

Topic 1 QA-1-1 Introduction to BE

Topic 2 QA-1-2 Introduction to Quality Assurance File:QA-1-2 - Introduction to Quality Assurance v1-2.pdf

Topic 3 QA-1-3 Introduction to QA Form Structure File:QA-1-3 - Introduction to QA Form Structure v1-1.pdf

Topic 4 QA-1-4 Introduction to QA Reporting

Topic 5 QA-1-5 Introduction to Training Support Mechanisms

2 Level 2

Topic 1 QA-2-1 Security and Custom Interface configuration

Topic 2 QA-2-2 Program Support Design

Topic 3 QA-2-3 Introduction to Knowledge Management

Topic 4 QA-2-4 Data Profiling – Custom Reporting (QA)

Topic 5 QA-2-5 QA Setup Conditions

3 Level 3

Topic 1 QA-3-1 System security management

Topic 2 QA-3-2 Testing Optimisations

Topic 3 QA-3-3 eCourse Optimisations

Topic 4 QA-3-4 Operations Integration

Topic 5 QA-3-5 QA Program Configuration

4 Level 4

Topic 1 QA-4-1 Quality Assurance Record Management

Topic 2 QA-4-2 Cheat / Bias Management

Topic 3 QA-4-3 Quality Assurance, Training and Operations Integration

Topic 4 QA-4-4 Introduction to MetaData (SI-3-1)

Topic 5 QA-4-5 Quality Assurance Program Management

5 Level 5

Topic 1 QA-5-1 Multi-Department QA Design

Topic 2 QA-5-2 Company QA Preparation

Topic 3 QA-5-3 ISO Preparation

Topic 4 QA-5-4 QA Field Challenges

Topic 5 QA-5-5 PCI Compliance