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1 Overview

System Access Management or SAM is the primary security module of bxp. 016.png

Every user has a unique account. Everything that occurs in bxp is linked to this unique account and is auditable. The level of audit detail varies.

There are two primary security considerations for every user. Functional and Content access. These are described here. Function_Vs._Content

  • Functional access is concerned with the modules of bxp
  • Content access is concerned with access to content stored in the modules.

System Champions are usually responsible for user management which is primarily done through the System Access Management module. Understanding_bxp_Support#System_Champions

To provide support to your bxp system All n One will add have some active accounts. All_n_One_accounts_in_your_bxp_system

When managing a bxp system there are three areas of discussion:

  • All user accounts are subject to system wide settings.
  • Individual accounts can be heavily customised and override system level customisations.
  • When working with large volumes of user accounts there are host of tools available to make group management easier.

2 System wide management

Area Description Link
CC-2-1 To get a general understanding of the security options in bxp we have a training course CC-2-1 Link
Master Settings For viewing the options selected in your system Link
System Settings Changing general settings for all users in your instance Link
Styling bxp For styling your instance of bxp for all users for their default settings Link
Interface Bars Customising the functionality and primary layout of all pages Link

3 User account customisation

Area Description Link
Create a user The primary article for dealing with users. Link
Copy a user You can also copy a user and their permissions Link

4 Group user management

Area Description Link
Group user - modify details If you need to mass change a group of users this can help Link
Security Report If you need a report on what users have access to what modules Link
Departments You can group users into Departments to tidy them Link
Organogram Security Groups through the systems Organogram provide mass user management Link
User Access Management (UAM) Creating and managing users through UAM can make templating and group user management a lot easier. Link