How to Create a User Using the 'Copy User' Function

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1 Overview

The purpose of the copy user function is to rapidly create a single user, using a pre-defined set of parameters, or an existing/template user.

As is suggested in the Wixi article Create_a_User, a template user must first be in place, in order to use this function.

2 Using the Copy User Function

  • Go to Main Menu > 016.png System Access Management (SAM) > User Administration > Copy User - Includes selected security permissions
  • This is where you choose the template user, search for and then select the name of the person in question
  • On the next screen, you fill in the details of the new users (minimum information is Firstname, Surname,

password, contact email, and then everything else as you wish) It is recommended that if you have them set up, you assign the correct role, department and cost centre to the new user.

  • As you scroll down, you will notice that the access privileges of the template user are already in place, then save the new user
  • The last step is to send the welcome email to the new user, this will give them the link to the bxp system, and their initial password. (please be aware that the user will be prompted to change it when they login for the first time)

3 Notes

1. For mass user loading, BE allows a list of users to be uploaded and using an existing user as a template create as many users as you need.

2. Often our users will "Add" a user using "User Setup Requests" and "Request New user". This user will not be live, but can be edited to change their status from "Pending" to "Live"

4 Troubleshooting

The most common trouble comes from spaces. If you copy and paste in a name, please check that you haven't got a space at the end of the Firstname or the Surname.

Passwords are often forgotten. The most useful approach is to reset the password to "password" and the system will request the user to update their password on next login.