ECourse Listing Types

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1 Overview

When you search in your eCourses, the resulting list makes it easier / harder to find options. Like big search engines such as Google or BING or Yahoo, the order in which results are given back is important.

In bxp there is an ability to set the default listing approach. Different approaches are being developed.

2 Setting

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > System Settings > System Settings > eCourse Listing Type

3 Current Listing Types available

3.1 Basic

This is the default system listing type. It lists in order for Book Chapter and Page, all textual matches made. An entry is added for every match. e.g. if the word Example appears three times on a page, then the listing will appear three times.

3.2 Frequency

This is a summative approach that will list the pages in frequency order first (i.e. if a page has 3 Example matches in the content, then it will have a count of 3, then it applies the original book chapter page sort order.