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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this part of the demo is to introduce what is now possible.

1.2 Background

Following the introduction to the system now is the time to allow the team in All n One help you even further.

We can help completely customise a system to your precise needs and include other tools and capabilities not demonstrated into this demo to deliver your operational needs.

Send us an email at or phone us on +353 1 429 4000.

The Wixi provides an encyclopaedia of information. Exploring it is best done in a relevant manner. If you prefer to explore more then please find the right type of information for you. Start_Here

2 Common Applications and Scenarios

bxp can provide numerous eLearning tools:

  • Learning Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Content Delivery System
  • Testing Suite
  • Discussion Forum
  • Document upload and management
  • Conference Centre
  • Logic Management and Decision Trees

3 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q = Question
  • A = Answer
  • L = Relevant link (if applicable)

  • Q = Can bxp make a cup of tea?
  • A = Nope but it can do pretty much everything else. Instead the All n One team would be happy to put the kettle on talk with you through your project over a brew.

4 Modules Demonstrated

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Related Articles
047.png eCourse For accessing all eLearning materials in a Book, Chapter, Page format Module_-_eCourse
048.png eCourse Management The building and management of all eLearning materials delivered through the eCourse module Module_-_eCourse_Management
041.png Testing Centre The delivery of tests, quizzes and examinations in open and closed question format Module_-_Testing_Centre
054.png Conference Centre An online chat tool, that uses text based communication to allow groups of people to collaborate (Synchronous conferencing) Module_-_Conference_Centre
058.png LogicFlow Logic management and decision tree tool to facilitate agent training and decision navigation Module_-_LogicFlow
038.png Form Management The building, editing and operational management of database forms for numerous modules Module_-_Form_Management
061.png Data Profiling For all instant and customised reporting on all types of forms Module_-_Data_Profiling
016.png System Access Management Security management, user management and audit reporting. Module_-_System_Access_Management

5 Further reading