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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

Operation of a contact centre is a vast and complicated challenge. There are so many facets to consider. This demonstration introduces very quickly how our platform can get straight to the heart of operational challenges and start making an instant difference.

1.2 Background

As the example scripts demonstrate there are a lot of different forms that can be instantly managed using the solution.

  • Human Resources
    • New hire forms
    • Quality assurance appraisals
    • Training log sheets
    • Health and Safety logs
  • Sales
    • Lead sheets
    • Surveys
    • Market research
    • Appointment management
  • Operations
    • Call logging sheets
    • Website / Social Media contact management
    • Security Logs
    • ISO procedures
    • Expenditure tracking

bxp software (bxp) has been used to deliver solutions such as these since 2005 Release_History

2 Common Applications and Scenarios

Our scenario outlines so much of what can be addressed by bxp for contact centres Scenario_-_bxp_and_The_Evolution_of_a_Contact_Centre

Where solutions are required bxp can address and solve all of the following [1]:

  • Requiring the caller to repeat the same information multiple times
  • Operators working from a script rather than knowing the products / services
  • Incompetent or untrained operators incapable of processing customers' requests effectively
  • Non-expert operators (call screening)
  • Obsequious behaviour by operators (e.g., relentless use of "sir", "ma'am" and "I'd be more than happy to assist you")
  • Excessive waiting times to be connected to an operator
  • Complaints that departments of companies do not engage in communication with one another

3 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q = Question
  • A = Answer
  • L = Relevant link (if applicable)

4 Modules Demonstrated

Icon Module Name Brief Description Module Detail Related Articles
038.png Form Management The building, editing and operational management of database forms for numerous modules Module_-_Form_Management

5 Further reading