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1 Overview

This document forms part of the bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release 1 suite of changes found here Bxp_Release_10_SER_1_prerelease_notes

1.1 eCourse 047.png

1.1.1 New Table of Contents layout options

The table of contents will be given the option for new styles and approaches. These options are set at a Book level. TOC’less.

This approach is for short training courses where it is linear in nature.  The pages will be provided with a dot bar system, each dot representing a page.  The system will provide a next previous button set as well.  This is for getting straight into training.  When the user selects the book, they are taken straight to the first page of material of the book, or the last page viewed if the book has been read before. 

bxpR10SER1 003.pngbxpR10SER1 002.png The styled table of contents.

The styled ToC allows the user to add a custom CSS to over ride the appearance of the ToC ECourse_-_ToC_Styled

Also includes the addition of Chapter icons for unique identification and display.

toc example 002.png

1.1.2 eCourse Book Cover

This option allows for a pictorial selection of books.

bookcover listing 001.png

Full details available here ECourse_-_Book_Cover

1.1.3 eCourse Settings Tabs

The book and the chapter settings pages have been upgraded to use the tab engine for settings in Release 10.

Some minor additions have been made to Book, as explained earlier to allow styling. Some minor additions have been made to Chapter, as explained earlier to allow styling.

The groupings have been reorganised to reflect the nature of the settings

  • Limiting : Controls active and visibility of the Book
  • Book Listing : When listing all books these settings apply
  • Chapters - ToC : On the table of contents or settings for Chapters
  • Page Navigation : When on the pages in the book these settings are applied.

eCourse Book was eCourse Book becomes
ecourse book was.png ecourse book becomes.png
eCourse Chapter was eCourse Chapter becomes
ecourse chapter was.png ecourse chapter becomes.png
eCourse Page was eCourse Page becomes
ecourse page was.png ecourse page becomes.png