Bxp Release 10 SER 1 release notes

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bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release (SER) 1 was released at 04:00 on 27th February 2018.

1 Existing Module Changes

Module Icon Total Changes Link
Appointment Manager 027.png 7 Changes Bxp_R10SER1_-_Appointment_Management
Data Profiling 061.png 1 Change Bxp_R10SER1_-_Data_Profiling
eCourse 047.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER1_-_eCourse
Form Management 038.png 19 Changes Bxp_R10SER1_-_Form_Management
Information Centre 011.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER1_-_Information_Centre
MetaData 002.png 1 Changes Bxp_R10SER1_-_MetaData
System Access Management 016.png 15 Changes Bxp_R10SER1_-_System_Access_Management

2 New Modules

2.1 Dashboards 049.png

The Dashboards module allows for prebuilt, pre-designed panes of information to be collated into a single operational dashboard.

A user can have access to multiple dashboards. Module_-_Dashboards

A number of pre-designed dashboards will be launched with the module.

3 Engine

3.1 Table styling

This change allows custom table styling in various areas throughout the bxp system Table_Styling