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1 Overview

The styled table allows an accordion style menu form to be displayed.

toc example 002.png

2 Structure

With a standard structure of


The engine is supported by a standard styling sheet based on the work available from

The style sheet is available from

The display uses the CSS3 Accordion capabilities

3 Item images

Each chapter can have an icon image in the title.

When editing a chapter Layout > Table of Contents Image allows you to specify a custom image with a full URL.

Alternately you can type a number in here and will be presented with a system available icon. Just type in the number into the "Table of Contents Image" box

icon 0001.png icon 0002.png icon 0003.png icon 0004.png
1 2 3 4
icon 0005.png icon 0006.png icon 0007.png icon 0008.png
5 6 7 8
icon 0009.png icon 0010.png icon 0011.png icon 0012.png
9 10 11 12