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Waste and Recycling Management


Why is bxp software right
for your Waste and Recycling Management needs…

We provide you with:


1.  Customer signs up online, via call centre or field agent, all details pushed to CRM

2. Welcome pack is sent out automatically via email

3. Welcome text can also be sent to alert customers to email, App details etc.


1. Daily report showing active customer numbers with comparisons to the previous day, week and year

2. Shows any customers that have changed supplier, with comparisons

3. Sales numbers with comparisons

4. Average revenue per customer, with comparisons


1. Customers coded, based on profitability

2. Priority can be given to top bands, e.g. free missed bin and skip call queue

3. Aids in creating pricing strategy


1. Average time from sale to bin delivery

2. Bins to be delivered

3. Delivery issues

4. Live bin stock report, by category


1. Text sent to customer automatically if direct debit fails

2. After chosen time period, details can be pushed to the customer care team

3. Statements and reminders can be sent automatically via text and / or email


1. Live revenue by chosen time scale and revenue stream

2. Live costs by time scale and cost stream

3. Weekly P&L with comparisons to budget and trending

4. Exceptions report


1. Abandon rate, today, this week, with comparisons

2. Total incoming calls with comparisons

3. Average wait time

4. Average call length

5. Average talk time

6. Average ticket open time

7. Longest ticket open time


1. Comprehensive performance management by time, agent, area, team etc.

2. Automatic database loading and cleaning

3. Multiple database facility

4. Push next record

5. Diarise recall

6. Automated follow-up work, send information etc.


1. Uses algorithm to determine a silent loss

2. Customer details automatically pushed to customer care team

3. Customer issues categorised for trend identification

4. Manage special offers for retention

5. Escalation to management team

6. Automatically log bin removals


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Why our process works?

Our process in action

Dublin City Council

As far as the assessments themselves go, we really liked the fact that we could list our requirements, in the order we wanted them with the scores weighted to suit our individual operation. We were not expected to mould our needs around the system
Martin Daley, Customer Services, Dublin City Council Read the case study

Question, meet answer

Your business is unique, and so is the profile of your client base.

bxp allows you to map out and record precisely what you want to know about each of your customers which means, above all, that you can improve your customers’ experience.

  • Map and record exactly what you need to know about your clients
  • Document every interaction, by all media
  • Have all aspects of your relationship at your fingertips
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waste management experience

Fingal Counselling Service

Helping Fingal Counselling Service to step into the future The Challenge Fingal Counselling Service (FCS)...
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