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Cloud Quality Assurance Software

Why implement Quality Assurance? Because human beings make mistakes and mistakes cost money.

Why is bxp right for your Quality Assurance programme?

Your Quality Assurance Software system will be built specifically for you. It will measure your processes and your staff against your criteria.

Traditional Quality Assurance will tell you if your rules are being followed. Using bxp Quality Control will also tell you whether those rules are producing the output your customers actually want.

Why our process works?

Our process in action

Dublin City Council

As far as the assessments themselves go, we really liked the fact that we could list our requirements, in the order we wanted them with the scores weighted to suit our individual operation. We were not expected to mould our needs around the system
Martin Daley, Customer Services, Dublin City Council Read the case study

Weakness, meet strength

A good Q.A. system (and yours will be a very good one) will of course highlight any performance gaps and areas of weakness which is great, as far as it goes. Having identified the issue though, you then need to fix it.

bxp closes this loop beautifully by linking assessment results directly to relevant training material. It will also link to your management team giving them the power to measure and compare against past performance, team performance or company performance – it’s all there at your fingertips!

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