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Our CEO, Nick Wheeler, created the first full service contact centre in Ireland, so he talks your language

Why bxp software is right for Contact Centre…

bxp was originally built for your industry. We think the way you do and we understand the challenges you face.

We work with you and your team to build the Contact Centre Management Software you need for improved productivity, new functionality, better end customer experience and, ultimately, more profit.

Why our process works?

Our process in action

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bxp software adapts to our own business needs. It is simple, extremely user friendly and we have individual iterations depending on the role. We have greatly improved our service to customers
Anthony Brennan, Budget Card Operations and Compliance Controller, One4All Read the case study

Simple, meet smart

We know how important reporting is and we build in a huge number of reports that start compiling the moment you start work. This means that your clients can have up to the second reports whenever they like.

bxp also gives you the power to fold in data from many other sources to create ‘super-reports’ which means that you can offer your clients new views of their business that have never been previously available; now that really is smart!

Turning data into useful information means:

  • Measurable sales activity
  • Clarity of costs
  • Process and value driven activity
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