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Dublin City Council

Improving the customer experience for Dublin City Council

The Challenge

As part of their ongoing drive to improve the customer experience, Dublin City Council needed to find a way of providing benchmark training and evaluation, so that the quality of customer contacts could be monitored and reviewed, as well as generating a best practice process.

In short, they took a focused Quality Assurance approach. They decided that the best way to achieve this goal was via eLearning and online testing.

The Solution

Having evaluated a range of products, they concluded that bxp software was the best solution – by quite some margin.

They were particularly struck by the simplicity and flexibility of our software in that it allows them to constantly upgrade and refine their process and testing without the normal IT bottlenecks and, absolutely critically, without affecting previous scores and results.

They also very much liked the fact that we would provide them with both eLearning andQ.A. in tandem, without going to a full blown contact centre system, with its attendant complexity and budget implications.

They were delighted to see, too, that results of Q.A. assessments could be linked straight back to the relevant training material which closed the circle very neatly.

The eLearning courses the Council currently have active include Delivering Top Class Service, Soft Skills and Health & Safety and they can add new courses or alter and update existing ones with very little trouble.

As far as the assessments themselves go, Dublin County Council really liked the fact that they could list their requirements, in the order they wanted them, with the scores weighted to suit their individual operation.

They were not expected to mould their needs around the system, and the team at bxp helped them every step of the way.

The Benefits

As a government organisation, Dublin City Council are not able to point to commercial elements as a demonstration of success. However, their three key performance indicators were:


“From our point of view, it appears that nothing is too much trouble for the bxp team and we have great confidence in them.”

Martin Daley, Customer Services, Dublin City Council