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Cloud Customer Relationship Management Software

Turning traditional CRM proposition on its head by asking you what your requirements are.

Why bxp software is right for your CRM needs…

In a nutshell, we listen. We talk to your managers, we talk to your team so that between us we create the perfect tool for your needs.

What we don’t do is try and shoehorn your process into our Customer Relationship Management Software. Oh yes, and we also won’t force you to pay for a whole lot of functions you’ll never need.

Why our process works?

Our process in action

Telefonica o2

We chose bxp because we were able to map it exactly to our criteria, identifying the customer to the agent and prompting them with bespoke offers relevant to the customers’ status.
Dee Norton, Head of Telesales Read the case study

Hand, meet glove.

Your business is unique, and so is the profile of your client base.

bxp allows you to map out and record precisely what you want to know about each of your customers which means, above all, that you can improve your customers’ experience.

  • Map and record exactly what you need to know about your clients
  • Document every interaction, by all media
  • Have all aspects of your relationship at your fingertips
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How we can improve your
customers’ experience

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bxp software adapts to our own business needs. It is simple, extremely user friendly and we have individual iterations depending on the role. We have greatly improved our service to customers
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Strike, when the iron is hot.

Reports that identify and target your customers.

bxp software enables you to identify your customer types by any criteria you choose. This means that you can target these groups with marketing messages and offers, devised just for them.

  • Improve sales using data you already own
  • Pinpoint buyer preferences
  • Identify your most profitable customers
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How personalistation benefited
our customers

Dublin City Council

As far as the assessments themselves go, we really liked the fact that we could list our requirements, in the order we wanted them with the scores weighted to suit our individual operation. We were not expected to mould our needs around the system
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