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Fingal Counselling Service

Helping Fingal Counselling Service to step into the future

The Challenge

Fingal Counselling Service (FCS) stepped into the future when they launched a brand new client management system at their Resource Centre in County Dublin. FCS is a community-based service, providing confidential counselling to couples and individuals.

They needed to find a way to manage and record the growth in client contact and client data. They recognised that the use of computer technology would help them better serve their clients by providing more timely and current information to stakeholders.

The solution

bxp quickly provided FCS with a system that saves hours of time and allows them to search, sort and organise their data in way that was simply not possible before.

This particular client had a requirement to make complex information capture simple – as well as managing appointments and tracking sessions. We created a clean tick-box interface for them which, though incredibly easy to use, still generates all the reports and outputs they need.

The benefits

The most important win for FCS is the improved service they provide to their clients, including far greater security for personal data. The system also now allows FCS to save large amounts of information, which has freed up valuable physical space.

They can search, sort and reorganise data much faster and now have a more sophisticated search capability compared with the manually maintained information system that was in place.

Mostly importantly, it is now easier to protect data from fire, theft or other loss. Information is a critical resource in the operation and management of Fingal Counselling Service – it is the link that connects all their components together and provides for a better service to their clients. 

“bxp software developed this programme for us on a ‘pro-bono’ basis. It is a perfect example of how a voluntary community group and private business can work together for a good cause.

Denise McDermot, Fingal Counselling Services