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Open up a new chapter in staff or client training with bxp software’s eLearning platform

Why is bxp software right
for your eLearning needs…

bxp allows you to address and manage, with absolute precision, these key learning points

We will work with you to define the type of education you want to provide, who it’s for and what they need to see. At bxp we believe that only one eLearning system can be right for you

Why our process works?

Our Process in action


The development team at bxp supported us every step of the way, from course construction to advice on the right media to deliver different aspects of the learning requirement.
Yvonne Quinn, Learning & Development Manager, Ladbrokes Ireland Read the case study

Question, meet answer

Your training requirements are unique to your organisation and bxp has the tools to manage your individual requirements.

Courses can be built in minutes and bxp allows all content to be updated centrally, which is especially useful for training distributed staff and means everybody sees new information at the same time.

The platform will also manage your tests, surveys and quizzes, and will build intelligent reports that can be used to demonstrate group or individual response. To close the loop, results can be linked straight back to the relevant training material.

It will integrate with existing HR tools, and can store a complete training and development history which means that you can have a single view of staff performance and progress.

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How we tailor your learning experience

3 Mobile’s major acquisition brings about a challenge of its own.

When 3Mobile and O2 combined, Three faced the challenge of training new staff members to fully appreciate the internal processes and procedures in all areas of the new ‘super-business’.
Read the case study

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