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1 Overview

Although bxp has a pure SaaS front end, sometimes, especially for data heavy reasons, it can be better to use something stronger than HTTP.

So for heavy lifting / automated requests, an sftp account can be created.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The S part adds secure. So for large files SFTP was purpose built for moving large files, HTTP wasn't.

2 SFTP uses in bxp

Pushing into bxp: If you're creating large amounts of material in an eCourse and they're videos, then the videos make most sense to upload via SFTP. Create_an_eCourse_through_SFTP

Pushing from bxp: If you want to automate retrieval of reports that were generated on a scheduled basis, this too is a good idea to do via SFTP. Data_Profiling_-_Customised_-_Management#Output_Options

Pushing into and from bxp: If there are processes for collating data, such as data you want to auto import / export, then SFTP is ideal. MetaData can work through SFTP MetaData_-_Retrieve

3 Pushing into bxp

3.1 How to interact with SFTP

Firstly you'll need a tool to work with SFTP. The world's most widely used tool for SFTP is FileZilla. Using_FileZilla_for_SFTP

The next bit you'll need is an account. Please contact and we can get that set up for you.

3.2 The folder structure

Every client has their own structure which is secured just for their account.

Folder Purpose Link
campaign All the files in Contact History Form_-_Contact_History
custom_via_sftp Allows for mass management of the files in the web custom folder The_Custom_folder_through_sFTP_management
data Files uploaded for import Form_-_Data_Import
data - images All n One process folder for image upload backend process
data - library CUDAMyQuery Output location Project_-_CUDA_and_MySQL
data - task File attachments for the Task Management module Retired module
ecourse For eCourse creation Create_an_eCourse_through_SFTP
filestorage Storage for the Online File Storage module Module_-_Online_File_Storage
images Where images for avatars are uploaded to Scenario_-_bxp_for_Gamification
metadata Staging for retrieval and output of processes of MetaData MetaData_-_Retrieve
retired Storage of retired forms Form_Retire_and_Restore
thumbnails Where generated thumbnail images for avatars are stored Scenario_-_bxp_for_Gamification

4 Pushing from bxp

Where data is being pushed from bxp into an external sFTP account there are some setup steps required.

Accounts are managed from Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > FTP Settings - Add | Edit | Test

These settings allow you to tell bxp where to go to find your sFTP account.

These functions are only for pushing from bxp.  
They are not for pushing INTO bxp.  
For "pushing into bxp via sFTP" please get in touch at or +353 1 429 4000

sftp pushfrombxp 001.png

Once you have saved your sFTP details you can test the connection using the test functionality available to ensure connectivity is possible. For whitelisting rules for your sFTP server bxp will always present from the following IP addresses


5 Conclusion

If you need an SFTP account, then please get in touch and we'll get your details.