Using FileZilla for SFTP

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1 Overview

The primary access to bxp software (bxp) is through the secure HTTPS interface. For file transfers and mass file movement it is possible to SFTP into the bxp servers into your account.

This process is not available by default for all systems and must activated explicitly for your system.

N.B. Deletion of files and folders within bxp is a chargeable support event, so extreme care must be taken when directly accessing data storage within bxp.

2 Remote Access

Retrieving or storing of files remotely can be done a number of ways. SFTP is one of these ways.

This is usually done using a secure FTP client such as FileZilla.

3 FTP Account Settings

  • Host:
  • Username: your username
  • Password: --will be SMS messaged separately—
  • Encryption: SFTP

N.B. All details will be sent to you in an email upon setup of your instance of bxp should elect to have this service available to you.

4 Setup

After you have downloaded and installed FileZilla you will end up with a screen similar to this

Filezilla 001.png

Go to File > Site Manager

Click the "New Site" button

Type in a name you will remember. In the example below we have used dummy data. Your email from the bxp support team will have the correct details in it. If you need an email resent please contact your primary bxp contact.

Then fill in the details as supplied

Filezilla 002.png

Click Connect when done

  You should get a a few messages scroll up the window as follows

Filezilla 003.png

In the middle of the screen, you can drag files from your computer (the left hand two middle windows) to the remote computer (the right hand two middle windows).

  You can see the files transferring and those remaining to be transferred in the bottom pane.

Filezilla 004.png

Do NOT copy folders. bxp will only process files that are found.

If you have any difficulties please contact your bxp System Champion or point of contact in All n One.