The Custom folder through sFTP management

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1 Warning

This process is immediate and irreversible and is not covered by the usual client backup procedures. This facility is provide for mass management and extreme user caution is advised. Mistakes cannot be undone or rectified.

Intercession and bxp support help in this area is a chargeable event.

2 Overview

The custom folder of bxp allows a client to add, update and remove files directly from the All n One web infrastructure.

There is a web based interface to support simple file management. Custom_File_Uploader

Where a client has many files they wish to manage this interface can become cumbersome, so an alternate is provided through sFTP, with warnings.

3 Structure

Using the sFTP access to the ww3 infrastructure Using_bxp_and_SFTP the "custom_via_sftp" folder in the sFTP engine represents the "custom" folder in the live client web folder structure.

The bxp interface provides two options.

  1. Copy from Custom to sFTP
  2. Copy from sFTP to Custom

When the user chooses option 1. Custom to sFTP,

  • the sFTP custom folder is wiped
  • the current contents of the web custom folder are copied to the sFTP folder ("custom_via_sftp").

When the user chooses option 2. sFTP to Custom, the current contents of the Custom folder are wiped and replaced with the contents from the sFTP folder ("custom_via_sftp").

  • the live web servers custom folders are wiped
  • the current contents of the sFTP Custom folder ("custom_via_sftp") are copied to the web servers.

Option 2 is the dangerous one, as if a client has uploaded material through the interface but is not part of the Administrators work with the sFTP, the files can be lost with no recovery option available to the bxp support team.