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1 Overview

bxp software (bxp) has had the ability for clients to upload numerous documents and any form of multimedia. This content is stored in the database tier The_bxp_Infrastructure. These files are not available to the public but are available to users through the bxp interface.

The database tier does not allow files to be part of the interface. eCourse assets will allow files to be drawn to a browser but are not available through the whole bxp interface, only in specific programmed locations.

There is now the ability to upload specific files into the web tier. In the web tier the files are available to the interface but also available to the public.

The "custom file uploader" is a very powerful tool. It allows you to upload any amount of media directly into the web tier.

2 Uploading file

In order to put files into the web tier:

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Custom Folder - File Upload > Locate the file and click "Upload file"

This process will transfer the file into the "custom" folder in infrastructure.

Files are made available through

Please note:

  • Uploading files with the same name will replace existing files, so it is always worth checking if the file is already available
  • Any files in this folder are public
  • These files are not part of the daily backups and All n One do not offer a rollback or a restore on these custom files

3 Listing uploaded files

When checking files or looking into what files are already in your infrastructure, there is a listing function available.

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Custom Folder - File Listing

4 Common usage

There are three primary types of files that are well placed to be uploaded.

Allowed extensions

  • js,css,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,bmp,jpe,unity3d