Bxp Release 10 SER 2 prerelease notes

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1 Release Notes

bxp Release 10 Service Enhancement Release 2 is in testing with internal QA and specific client review programs. Cooperation and collaboration with clients is currently in progress.

  • Planned updates moved from SER1 to SER2 are included here.
  • There are a host of further changes also available as part of this release.
  • Some SER 1 planned updates have been moved to SER 3 Bxp_Release_10_SER_3_prerelease_notes

2 New Pillar - Human Resource Management

bxp are proud to launch our new pillar Human Resource Management Bxp_Pillar_-_Human_Resource_Management

3 Existing Module Updates

Module Icon Total Changes Link
Appointment Management 027.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Appointment_Management
Dashboards 049.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Dashboards
Project Manager 050.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Project_Manager
System Access Management 016.png 8 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_System_Access_Management
Time Tracker 020.png 3 Changes Bxp_R10SER2_-_Time_Tracker

4 New Modules

4.1 Human Resources Management 023.png

Whilst not a new module the module has been completely revamped and regenerated to directly support the Human Resources Management pillar as discussed above.


5 Engine

5.1 System notification emails

A number of email and reports from bxp come from a variety of email addresses currently. These are to be unified under the bxpsoftware.com domain.

  • security@bxpsoftware.com
  • hamsters@bxpsoftware.com
  • notification@bxpsoftware.com
  • alerts@bxpsoftware.com
  • compliance@bxpsoftware.com