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1 Overview

It is possible for users in bxp software (bxp) to enter into discussions over a message that is posted through the Information Centre 011.png.

The facility is an integration with the Bulletin Board module. 046.png To use "Commenting" does not require the Bulletin Board module for basic functions.

Place holder accounts can also leave comments.

2 Turning commenting on

By default all Information Centre messages will disable commenting.

In order to allow commenting on a message navigate to your new or existing message. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Main Menu > Information Centre > General > Add Item to the Information Centre >
  • Main Menu > Information Centre > General > Edit Item in the Information Centre > Lookup your notice >
  • Main Menu > Information Centre > Campaign Notices > Add a notice >
  • Main Menu > Information Centre > Campaign Notices > Edit a notice > Lookup your notice >

At the bottom of the screen, there is a section called Commenting.

InformationCentre Comments 001.png

"Allow Commenting" will allow users to view any comments already submitted.

"Allow User to Comment" opens the message up for users to comment as they wish.

"Auto Approve Comments" means that messages submitted will automatically be made visible to all users with no need for administrative approval.

The next number of fields allow for customisation of how other comments are displayed.

"Display - Date Time" this allows you to show / hide the date and time of the comment

"Display - User" this allows you to show / hide the user who submitted the comment

"Display - Body" this allows you to show / hide the body of the comment

3 Usage of the Comments

When the above settings have been configured, a user need only go into the message and the layout will be customised appropriately.

Below is a snapshot with all display and usage options set to true. In the example however Auto Approve is not turned on, therefore the user has Pending Posts waiting for an Administrator to approve them.

InformationCentre Comments 002.png

4 Private message comments

It is possible for the owner of the message to receive private comments from readers. To do this you would set in your message

  • Allow Commenting = False
  • Allow User to Comment = True
  • Auto Approve Comments = False

Then when you as the author of the message use the system, you will have access to a button on the bottom of the page called "Comments Report". All submitted comments will appear as Pending but you will be able to see the comments from all users, but nothing will be visible to other users.