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1 Overview

The roll out of bxp software (bxp) is exceptionally easy. Being a pure Software As A Service (SaaS) there is nothing to install on devices effectively making roll out a job of seconds. It is prudent however to consider some steps to set up the service to ensure that roll out of the solution is as effective as possible.


An NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement is the first and primary step of any relationship with All n One. This mutual confidentiality agreement ensures that All n One can safely and confidently offer advice and processing suggestions without any fear of Data Protection breach.

3 Contract

This key document sets out the detail of the provision of the service and relevant costs. Terms and conditions of required service can be included in this document as per client requirements.

4 Security

It is always prudent to involve the Security, Legal, Data Protection and Risk departments at a very early stage in the relationship. The primary documents or starting points for discussion will begin with:

  • Security :
  • Legal :
  • Risk Register :
  • Data Protection :

From this the standard required security protocols can be established. i.e. how frequently will the client test the security of bxp, etc.

5 IT

The IT (Information Technology) department may have a number of technical questions but the key considerations will be:

  1. What browser and version is going to be the primary browser used?
  2. For the different 3rd party content types what software is available on the machines? (Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF documents)
  3. What IP addresses will need to be whitelisted in order to allow users access?
  4. What DNS entry changes will need to be made if bxp is to be sending emails on behalf of the client?

6 Operations

The design of a solution for operations follows a project modelling technique called ADDIE. Designed primarily for the eLearning industry it provides a traditional waterfall style approach but incorporates the best of Rapid Application Development and Agile approaches.

The first and primary steps of the project is to gather the requirements. For this the All n One team will follow our Requirements Gathering procedure set. File:bxp - template - 08 - requirements gathering v1-7.pdf

This question set allows for all primary key operational requirements to be identified and from this a structure project plan can be derived.

If you have any further questions or require any clarifications on any of the above please feel free to get in touch at support@allnone.ie or phone +353 1 429 4000