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A bxp eCourse Reference Code is a unique code that is assigned to every page within an eCourse.

The code is made up of three sets of numbers x-y-z

  • X is the Book Id
  • Y is the Chapter Id
  • Z is the Page Id

ECourse Reference 001.png

The Book Id increases with every book that is added.

The Chapter Id increases with every chapter regardless of Book. So if two books are being created at the same time, it is possible that chapter ids are not sequential.

Like the Chapter Id, the Book Id is not necessarily sequential. Each page added adds to the Page Id. Books and Chapter numbers will be consistent for all pages in the same chapter.

So a reference of 23-45-1234 would be the 23rd book, the 45th chapter in the system and the 1234th page in the system.

Every asset on a page will be given a unique reference of x-y-z-a The reference code is the Book Id - Chapter Id - Page Id and Asset id. Each asset is unique and the same asset can be used on numerous pages. The Asset Id is unique and will not change between pages.