Bxp and the Infinite Monkey Theorem

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Keeping abreast of the latest thinking and articles on best industry practice to eLearning, we came across this article through the Learning Solutions Magazine.


The basic premise of the article is that efforts should be put on making training material more accessible by using mobile devices.

If the basis of training is to improve the performance of the operation why shouldn't focus be put on improving the tools as well as developing training.

We at All n One completely agree with the concept but also provide the tools and the integration of operations and eLearning to provide both sides of the house. As bxp works on all smart devices it means all training material is instantly available on mobile. As bxp supports a live search engine, the entire Knowledge Base is instantly searchable. With the unique ability of bxp to also integrate work flow and training and to work on mobile devices as well, bxp is the perfect harmony of tech, operation and learning. bxp can deliver every aspect of these strategies and approaches.

Contact us to discuss this thinking further and how eLearning within bxp can provide even better operational results with less training. (+353 1 429 4000)