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As one team member said internally "bxp is infinitely extensible" which gives developers a lot of choice and options if they wish to customise the platform to their business needs.

This article provides a few points to elements which may help you as a developer understand bxp more quickly.

How bxp is set up is available under Security > Infrastructure Security_-_Infrastructure

If you're comfy with the idea that bxp is pure SaaS you being to understand the basics of how bxp is used CC-1-1_Introduction_to_bxp_software

Now that you can log in and know some of the basic jargon you may want to customise some of the interface and this is available in Developers > Styling Developers_-_Styling

User and user management is controlled by the System Access Management module. User_Management_in_bxp

Forms and Form Management store the bulk of your data and where you will probably do a lot of customisation. Start_Here_-_Building_your_first_form

Data Profiling is the module which allows easy modification of prebuilt reporting. Data_Profiling_Overview

KeyStats is the module which allows you build custom reporting using your own HTML and special operators. Module_-_KeyStats

MetaData is where you can build macros for data manipulation and tidying. MetaData_-_Start_Here

For all other questions please use our search facilities above or contact our support teams. Understanding_bxp_Support#Support_Resources