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1 Overview

The report is to provide Data Analysis teams with a convenient analysis tool for reviewing data without having to do large exports to other tools.

Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant - Data > Data - Instant Data Analysis

2 Preparation for the tool

The engine of the tool uses the search features of a form to limit and support searchable fields. Form_Search_Fields

If Exporting data you will want to make sure your field mapping is set up correctly. Understanding_Field_Mapping

The engine also uses the customisation of questions to facilitate useful visualisations. Data_Visualisation_Options

If viewing through the WorkFlow report you will want to visually arrange your outcomes into a flow. Outcome_-_Workflow

3 Using the tool

3.1 Screen 1

The tool works against any form.

At the bottom of the screen are time limiting factors if required. These area not essential to make the tool work. i.e if you don't choose a time frame all records in the form are included. If you do include a time frame only records that were interacted with in the time frame are included.

3.2 Screen 2

This is the usual search screen of the form with any look up / search screen limitations you may have chosen to apply.

For analysis grouping fields / classification fields are best. Closed questions. Form_Closed_Vs._Open_Questions

3.3 Screen 3

After you have searched the results screen provides up to 20 sample examples of the first records found that match the criteria. They are there to show "something was found".

The number on screen indicates how many records were actually found.

There are three options from this point.

  • Export all of the CDA fields for all the records found immediately to Excel
  • Using the CDAs found, draw the WorkFlow report
  • Visualise the records found using the "Instant Visualisation" report but only for the records identified. Data_Profiling_-_Instant_-_Visualisations