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1 Overview

Data Visualisations are a very powerful tool. They take any closed question (list/menu, radio button, check box, number list), counts up the total answers and can then draw bar charts and pie charts based on those figures.


Sometimes however the default representations of some items are too limited, so BE allows you to override the default displays with your own customisations.

Modifications are made through: Main Menu > Database Management > Database - Question Management > Question - Edit > Select the campaign > Select the question whos visualisation you want to change > Down in the "Grouping Options" section is "Visualisation Option"

The customisations are entered in a single line of data separated by semicolons.So, in the Visualisation Option box if you put


The bar chart would not show, the listing would be aphabetic from A to Z and only the top 5 items would be shown.

Here are the options currently available.

2 Show | Hide Elements

By default both bar and pie chart will be shown. You can turn one or both off if required.

  • blShowQuestion=false; //Hides the entire question
  • blShowData=false; //Hides the data elements and just leaves the visualisations
  • blShowBar=false; //Hides just the bar chart element
  • blShowPie=false; //Hides just the Pie chart element

3 User Defined Drawing Options

Custom options that the user can implement to completely customise the report to meet there needs.

  • strCustomTitle=Demo Title One // A user defined title for the visualisation charts
  • intCustomHeight=200 // A user defined height for the visualisation charts (number should be in px)

4 Listing

With lists with lots of items in them, the sorting of the elements can become very important

  • strListing=AlphabeticAZ; // Sort the answers alphabetically from 0 to 9, A to Z
  • strListing=AlphabeticZA; // Sort the answers alphabetically from Z to A, 9 to 0
  • strListing=QuantityLeastMost; // Sort the answers, with the least frequently occuring at the top. Each amount item is alpha sorted as well.
  • strListing=QuantityMostLeast; // Sort the answers, with the most frequently occuring at the top. Each amount item is alpha sorted as well.

5 Limit

For VERY long lists, it may be more advisable to limit to a specific amount of answers, like the top 10. The limit option allows you to specify exactly how many items to limit to.

  • strLimit=10; //This will limit to the top 10 answers.

6 Palette

In some cases it may be desirable to set specific palette colours. This option allows a custom suite of colours to be set for the values.

  • strPalette=11772D,BA0001; //This will colour the elements green and red.

7 In Form Modifications

7.1 Horizontal Check Box

bxp allows for the question type "Basic - Check Box Horizontal" to have the check boxes sorted in Ascending order vertically, by default the answer values are arranged in the order that they have been added to the question and they are added horizontal. This default ordering can be changed by simply adding the following into the visualisation options of the question

  • strSortOption=Vertical;

CheckBox Horizontal Sort Vertically.png