Dashboards and Consoles

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1 Overview

In bxp there are many functions. To group up these functions bxp has two key concepts. Dashboards and Consoles.

A console is a set of administrative functions that will list functions vertically up the side of your screen.

A dashboard is a set of reporting functions that will list horizontally across the top of your screen.

The technology uses iFrames.

There is one system over riding bxp Client Dashboard, which is not a report in every system, just one overarching dashboard report available to bxp System Champions Bxp_Client_Dashboard_Report

2 Consoles

On each console there is an Wixi help icon.png icon which links through to relevant training material in this wixi explaining that function.

All forms have a console which is accessed through Main Menu > Form Management > Form - Primary Management > Form - Edit Console_-_Question_Management

eCourses have their own console Console_-_eCourse

Other consoles

3 Dashboards

The reporting dashboards for forms are decided automatically by the type of form you open the dashboard for. They're available through Main Menu > Data Profiling > Instant - Dashboards > Dashboard - All Forms > Choose your form >

eCourse also has a dashboard report available from Main Menu > eCourse Management > Reporting > Book Reporting Dashboard > Choose your eCourse Console_-_eCourse#Dashboard