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This article and feature of bxp are in development

1 Overview

The dashboard provides live information about your bxp account.

The dashboard is built in 6 sections.

2 Dashboard Quick Links

This section is built to store

  • Reference Documents: For project and client developed material
  • bxp Invoices: For all your invoices
  • Security Documents: For all security related document reviews
  • Submit a New Request: To log a new request if you're unable to access your system or email us
  • View All Open Tickets: A listing of all currently open tickets on our system

3 System Users Information

  • Live Users: The number of live billable users on the system
  • Placeholder Users: The number of placeholder accounts on the system
  • Retired Users: The number of users who have in total been retired from the system
  • Total Users: Summative count of all accounts on the system
  • Users Locked out: Count of accounts where a user account is locked out due to repeated failed password attempts.
  • User Status Breakdown: Visual representation of the Live Vs. Placeholder accounts
  • Historical User Account: A history of billed live users over the previous 12 months.

4 System User Grouping

  • Department Count: Total departments. Clicking the button provides visual breakdown of live users by department
  • Role Count: Total roles. Clicking the button provides visual breakdown of live users by role

5 System Billing Information

  • Texts this month: Live count of text messages sent this month
  • Texts last month: Historic count of the texts sent last month as generated from the invoice details
  • Prebilled hours available: Total prebooked hours available to spend on projects or other programs
  • Support hours available: Prebooked support hours for monthly training / support queries
  • Billable hours this month: Total of billable hours logged this month
  • New jobs this month: Live count of new tickets created this month

6 Social Media links

  • Links to all of bxp software's social media accounts.

Client dashboard 001.png