CC-5-2 Muti-Form program design

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1 Important Note

This is an advanced concept training document which requires extensive knowledge of bxp and it's supporting tools. Where appropriate links to relevant training courses will be provided.

2 Overview

In various strategic scenarios it becomes necessary to allow case management to integrated seamlessly with various departments. Consider the following strategic situation.


A customer contacts Customer Care for their issues. For most general enquiries Customer Care can deal with the issue. There are some instances where the query will need to be forwarded to other departments for consideration. e.g. Billing for sorting out billing mistakes. Or Returns if a cancellation is processed.

bxp has the ability to provide not only the process management for each department but provides flexible seamless interconnects between each department. Intelligent timed reporting are integrated into the bxp platform as well to provide exceptionally close management of solutions.

As each area is potentially a complex mash up of various communications we need to treat the areas differently and review the interconnects as a second step.

3 Stage 1. Departmental setup

This process is best done using the Case Management training and scenarios.

We design for each area separately

We build the forms using bxp

We set up outcomes to process all the activities that do not need interdepartmental communication

We set up Case Management on the processes to provide timing and timed reports on activity

So now we have Case Management and internal management set up on each of the 3 departments.

4 Stage 2. Cross Campaign Linking

Next we set up the transfers to allow the data move from Customer Care to Billing.

In the destination form, we add a "Complex - Campaign Transfer" block.

From Customer Care to billing we set up a transfer outcome

As the transfer out is important, we also want to keep track of any returns. So in the destination form, we set up an outcome. This uses in the outcome the section "Instant Transfer - Campaign > Return Field". So when the outcome is used in the destination form it has all the details to be able to send back any updates.

Every outcome has the ability to be flagged as "Complete" or "Incomplete". It is important at this stage to ensure all outcomes are properly flagged as this stage. The transfer out outcome needs to be marked as "Incomplete" for the inbuilt reporting to work correctly.

5 Stage 3. Operational management

Keeping an eye on incoming requests from Customer Care, now becomes a big consideration for Billing. Time is important and queries can't just be left sitting there. There is extensive reporting options available in the case management reporting tool to help manage just that.

Form_-_Record_ownership_strategies provides different work distribution concepts.

The primary report is Main Menu > Case and Form Management > My Team - Open Cases as this will list all the currently open cases and how long they're open.

6 Stage 4. Reporting

Case management reporting provides extensive management capabilities.

7 Stage 4. Advanced concepts

It is possible to set up daisy chaining. i.e. Customer Care can transfer to Billing, who can transfer to Returns, who can transfer to Customer Care. Appropriate application of outcomes will stop infinite loops.

8 Appendix A: Step by step

Phase 1: Build two forms and allow data transfer from 1 to 2.

	Create Form 1 - Case Management - Customer Care
		Add Complex - Name
			strCDA_1_field_0_0			Customer Care Title
			strCDA_1_field_1_0			Customer Care Firstname
			strCDA_1_field_2_0			Customer Care Initial
			strCDA_1_field_3_0			Customer Care Surname
		Add Complex - Contact Numbers
			strCDA_1_field_0_4			Customer Care Home Phone
			strCDA_1_field_1_4			Customer Care Work Phone
			strCDA_1_field_2_4			Customer Care Mobile
		Add Text Area called "Description"
			strCDA_1_field_0_7			Customer Care Description

	Create Form 2 - Case Management - Billing
		Add Complex - Name
			strCDA_2_field_0_0			Billing Title
			strCDA_2_field_1_0			Billing Firstname
			strCDA_2_field_2_0			Billing Initial
			strCDA_2_field_3_0			Billing Surname
		Add Complex - Contact Numbers
			strCDA_2_field_0_4			Billing Home Phone
			strCDA_2_field_1_4			Billing Work Phone
			strCDA_2_field_2_4			Billing Mobile
		Add Text Area called "Description"
			strCDA_2_field_0_7			Billing Description
		Add Complex - Campaign Transfer block
			strCDA_2_field_0_8			Billing Data Transfer - Source Campaign			
			strCDA_2_field_1_8			Billing Data Transfer - Source CDAId 			
			strCDA_2_field_2_8			Billing Data Transfer - Source DateTime 		
			strCDA_2_field_3_8			Billing Data Transfer - Source Creator 			
			strCDA_2_field_4_8			Billing Data Transfer - Display Line 			
			strCDA_2_field_5_8			Billing Data Transfer - Source System 			
			strCDA_2_field_6_8			Billing Data Transfer - Source Outcome			

	Form 1
		Modify the first outcome.  "Closed" flag as complete
		Add a second outcome.  "Transfer to Billing" flas as incomplete
			Campaign to transfer to : Blended - Billing
			Field mapping for transfer
			Add to Contact History : True
			Update or Transfer: Transfer
			Add first or Last: Last
			Send Notification Email: False

	Form 2
		Modify the first outcome.  "Respond" flag as complete
			Instant Transfer - Campaign
				Return Field: strCDA_2_field_0_8  Billing Data Transfer - Source Campaign	
				SLA 000:05:00

Phase 2: Security management
	Create "CustomerCare User".  
		Give functional access to Case Management "My Cases"
		Give content access to "Customer Care" form only
	Create "Bulling User".  Give access to Case Management
		Give functional access to Case Management "My Cases"
		Give content access to "Billing" form only

	In the Organogram
		Create two Groups
			Customer Care
	Assuming you're using the Administrator account, set the members of the groups as follows

		Customer Care
			CustomerCare User
			Billing User
	Give the Security Group "Customer Care" access to the Customer Care form
	Give the Security Group "Billing" access to the Billing form

Phase 3: Case Management refinement
	Edit the Customer Care form
		Advanced Settings
			Case Management
				Exception: Track Reopen		True
				Exception: Time				1
				Exception: Contacts			3
				Service Level Agreement: 	000:05:00

Phase 4: Operation
	Log in as CustomerCare User
	Log an easily identifiable test record and use the "Complete" outcome
	Log an easily identifiable second test record and use the "Transfer" outcome	
	Log an easily identifiable third test record and use the "Transfer" outcome
	Log out

	Log in as Administrator
	Case Management > Queue Management > Set Current Working Outcome
	Set "Transfer" : 2 as the primary queue to be worked upon
	Log out
	Log in as Billing User
	Case Management > My Cases > Process a Case
	Use the outcome "Respond"
	Log out
Phase 5: Reporting
	Log in as Administrator
	Case Management > My Team - Tools
	Case Management > My Team - Reports
	Data Profiling > Instant - Reminders and Case Management > All Case Management reports