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1 Situation

From time to time it can be useful to link forms together.

Say for example you have a master list in Form 41. We will call this "Destination".

You have a marketing campaign in 638. We will call this "Source"

When you get a sales lead in 638, you don't want to have to retype all the data from 638 into 41. This is where using the Campaign Transfer section of an outcome helps.

2 Setup

2.1 Prepare the Destination to receive

You need to add a new question type to the destination form. So go into 41 and add a "Complex - Campaign Transfer".

2.2 Prepare the Source to send

Next go into the Outcome in the sending form, i.e. 638.

Go down to the "Instant Transfer - Campaign" section.

Campaign to transfer to: Choose the destination, i.e. 41

You need to update the outcome to be able to complete the setup. So save the outcome and go back in to edit it.

A new field has appeared "Data block to transfer to". Choose the first field of the new "Complex - Campaign Transfer" that you added.

The field mapping is next. Fields are separated by ; and the key pairs are separated by equals. You can transfer as many fields as you like in one go.

e.g. strCDA_638_field_0_1=strCDA_41_field_0_4;strCDA_638_field_0_28=strCDA_41_field_0_49;strCDA_638_field_0_2=strCDA_41_field_1_0;strCDA_638_field_0_3=strCDA_41_field_3_0;strCDA_638_field_0_4=strCDA_41_field_0_8;strCDA_638_field_0_31=strCDA_41_field_0_11;strCDA_638_field_0_16=strCDA_41_field_0_9;strCDA_638_field_0_15=strCDA_41_field_1_5;strCDA_638_field_0_30=strCDA_41_field_0_57;strCDA_638_field_0_8=strCDA_41_field_0_131;strCDA_638_field_0_20=strCDA_41_field_0_132;strCDA_638_field_0_23=strCDA_41_field_0_134;

2.3 Options Explanation

2.3.1 Options

Add to Contact History, will add a CCL to 41 when it executes.

If you have already used this outcome, update will simply transfer updates to the previously created record. Transfer, will always create new records in 41.

Add first or last. If multiple matches are found in 41, which should be matched to.

The last block of fields are a notification email which is to notify the owners / users of 41 that a new record has been transferred / updated.

Send Data is the body of the mail and it can be customised like any HTML email.

2.3.2 Transfer to newly created record

The option to go directly into a record once it has been created is available by adding the below keyword to the end of the field listing. If this keyword is in place once the record is saved you will be redirected into the newly created record.

e.g. strCDA_638_field_0_1=strCDA_41_field_0_4;strCDA_638_field_0_28=strCDA_41_field_0_49;strCDA_638_field_0_2=strCDA_41_field_1_0;strCDA_638_field_0_3=strCDA_41_field_3_0;strCDA_638_field_0_4=strCDA_41_field_0_8;strCDA_638_field_0_31=strCDA_41_field_0_11;strCDA_638_field_0_16=strCDA_41_field_0_9;strCDA_638_field_0_15=strCDA_41_field_1_5;strCDA_638_field_0_30=strCDA_41_field_0_57;strCDA_638_field_0_8=strCDA_41_field_0_131;strCDA_638_field_0_20=strCDA_41_field_0_132;strCDA_638_field_0_23=strCDA_41_field_0_134;[##TransferRecord##];

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