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1 Overview

bxp software (bxp) is able to harness the power of email with some very clever tools. bxp allows businesses and users to leverage the medium to improve business processes and speed up operations. Whilst individual tools like Microsoft Outlook are already ideal for processing an email account, bxp is focused on mass management of email account contents and mass email sending.

Unlike a single mailbox, bxp provides a number of tools to allow teams to collectively work on email. This means however that we need to look at the two primary functions of email separately.

  • Receiving
  • Sending

2 Receiving

The engine in bxp to read a mailbox is called BEMail. The BEMail engine logs into an email box and is able to read the emails in there. As it is an engine doing the reading rather than an email management tool such as Outlook, there are a number of differences.

Firstly you need to provide to bxp the log in details for your email account. This is done through System Access Management BEMail_accounts

If you're having trouble getting the mailbox to log in you can try working through Troubleshooting_-_Mailbox_logins

Now that you know you can log into the mailbox, you need to build a form to read the mailbox and turn the emails into processable records. By loading the emails into the form, this is how the emails are managed. BEmail_(_Email-2-Campaign_)

With the records loaded, there are a number of strategies for distributing the work. Form_-_Record_ownership_strategies

If you want the mailbox to check for new emails on a regular basis BEmail_(_Email-2-Campaign_)_-_Auto_Send_Receive

If you want to perform custom extraction of information from within the email BEmail_Content_Retrieval

3 Sending

bxp has the capability to send emails appearing from anyone, including mailboxes that don't exist. This is a benefit and potential security hole at the same time. So what control have you over who emails come from?

  • System Level : By default there is a system set default email account which all emails will come from for your system. This system level from address is managed by All n One on your behalf.

  • Form Level : As part of the contract with All n One, your company signs a waiver to say it is ok for you to change your own from address. This then allows you to set the default from address for Forms Form_-_Advanced_Settings#Communications

  • Outcome Level : It is possible when Form Level is in place to change the from address on an outcome by outcome basis Contact_Centre_Training "CC-1-5 Introduction to Form Outcomes"

  • Communications Centre : Once the waiver, as discussed in form level is in place, this allows the from address to be changed for any mass communication sent. Mass_Email_Sending#From

bxp has was of being able to send mass emails, such as marketing emails out. Mass_Email_Sending

Where possible on mass sending all the contacts details are included in the BCC field of the email by default.

The contents of the email can be Text emails or Rich HTML emails. We have a guide on how to construct good HTML emails Writing_HTML_Emails

Actually getting your emails to arrive can involve a lot of understanding. We've prepared a guide to help email delivery Email_-_Improving_Delivery_Rates

As part of those mass email sends, it is possible to include tracking to see have the emails been opened Communications_-_Email_Clickthru

It is possible to leave template emails on the system to save having to recreate emails on each send. Communications_Centre_-_Templates

It is possible to include any amount of data from a record directly into the email using the -- Field notation The_--_field_notation The_--_field_notation_for_bxp_Forms

4 Considerations

For a more technical description on sending on behalf of others please see in our Whitepapers section Whitepapers#Security_and_Data_Protection_documentation "bxp software - Using BE to send emails on behalf of others"

This document raises the points about Data Protection and how you use email. You are required to understand Data Protection Laws that pertain to your communications. i.e. What is spam and what is good customer service? The Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland provides a very useful set of FAQs on the subject http://www.dataprotection.ie/docs/Contacting-Customers/1248.htm