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1 Basic Templates

There are often requirements to use the bulk email capability of bxp software (bxp) on a semi-regular or even very regular basis. Creating the HTML emails from scratch, storing them somewhere else or having to customise the templates frequently can make templates cumbersome to manage. For this reason there is a template storage facility within bxp for email templates.

Firstly create your HTML template email in your favourite HTML editing tool. Some suggested tools can be found here Web_Development_Tools

A guide to creating your own HTML email templates can be found here Writing_HTML_Emails.

Then simply add the HTML via

Main Menu > Communications Centre > Templates > Template - Add

All templates, regardless of creator, will be available to all locations where templates can be used.

There is no content security on templates.  i.e if a user has access to Communications Centre > Templates, they can edit any template stored there, regardless of creator.  This is by design.

If you're generating PDFs using these templates and you need an image in the PDF ensure the image is on a public server.  
The template engine does not embed the images it links to them to keep file sizes down

2 Template usage locations

Templates can be used from:

  • Communications Centre > SMS Sending > Campaign - Send a Campaign SMS
  • Communications Centre > Text Only Email Sending > Campaign - Send a campaign plain text email
  • Communications Centre > HTML Email Sending > Campaign - Send a campaign rich text email
  • Form Management > Outcome Manager > Outcomes > Mail Merge