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1 Overview

BEmail, short for "bxp Email", are account details for interacting with email accounts.

A BEMail account has the details to interact with an email account in the way Microsoft Outlook does, or how you would interact with your GMail account.. When a BEMail account is set up, various parts of bxp can then be allowed into that mailbox to do work with the emails there within.

2 How the accounts are used

bxp has the ability to get emails from an email account. This is called "Inbound to bxp", as bxp will log into this email box to retrieve emails.

bxp also has the ability to send emails out through a particular email server. This is called "Outbound from bxp"

bxp also has it's own email servers which can pretend to be any email account. Where possible when sending emails out bxp will use it's own engine.

3 Account Creation

To create an account Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > BEMail Account - Add >

3.1 Inbound to bxp

These settings allow bxp to log into the specified email account and read the emails from this account and server.


  • Username : the username to log into the email account
  • Password : the password to log into the email account
  • Use secure login : If the email account requires secure login, the default is True.
  • Server type : POP3 or IMAP3 are the two options
  • Incoming email server : The IP Address or the domain name for the server
  • Incoming port :

3.2 Outbound Personal Details

As you can find in Outlook BEMailAccount006.png when bxp is sending emails on your behalf what extra send data should be added to the email header.


  • Your name : This is a descriptive version of the name for the account
  • Your email address : The email address the email should come from
  • Your organisation : If company data is to be added to the sending email
  • Reply to address: If an alternate reply to address is to be used

3.3 Outbound from bxp

These are the email server for bxp to log into to send an email. Again this element is only used if the bxp email servers are not doing the sending.


  • Outbound username : The username to log in with
  • Outbound password : The password to log in with
  • Secure outbound server login : Use a secured SSL connection
  • Outbound email server : The IP address or domain name of the server
  • Outbound port : The port on which to connect to the server

3.4 Testing

This is a testing facility to ensure that bxp can successfully connect to the inbound aspect of the account. This tab only appears on the edit function when there are some details to test.


After clicking "Add Account" there is an option to test the connection. If the testing fails, click the "Click here to edit this connection" to make further adjustments to the login details.


4 Notes

For security configurations, BEMail will always be seen to be logging into these accounts from

  • or

For other commonly used mailbox log in settings please see: BeMail_Connections