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3 Mobile’s major acquisition brings about a challenge of its own.

3 Mobile’s major acquisition brings about a challenge of its own.

The Challenge

When 3Mobile and O2 combined to create a truly superb network they used the scale of O2 and Three’s passion for innovation to provide industry-leading value, combined with an even better network performance.

Following this successful acquisition, Three faced the challenge of training new staff members to fully appreciate the internal processes and procedures in all areas of the new ‘super-business’.

To demonstrate the scale of the challenge, retail staff needed to be trained in how to use functionality on store systems, including, cash and card transactions. Equally, they needed to provide information on products, promotions, deals and other hot customer topics.

 The Solution

Previously, 3Mobile delivered training through a blended method of classroom, manual and desk-side training. However, they wanted to improve their training methodology in the following ways:

– Make the training more accessible

– Improve speed of delivery

– Use a variety of training formats, i.e. video, voiceover, text, etc.

– Create sophisticated reports

– Generate measurable cost savings

bxp software was the chosen solution as it provides a platform that delivers on all these key requirements. 3Mobile decided that much of the content they needed to disseminate would best be delivered using a combination of video, PowerPoint with voiceover, and instructional text with linked images.

The flexibility of bxp’s eLearning platform means that virtually any media can be loaded in seconds (browse, click) and the relevant personnel can access the material using any device, from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Benefits

bxp has significantly reduced the time taken both to create the material and to deliver it efficiently, almost completely taking travel by staff out of the picture. Taking into account content management combined with trainers and trainee time, the number of man hours saved is already being measured in the hundreds.