Understanding Time Tracker

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1 Overview

Time Tracker is a time sheet tool which helps projects and management report on times. This wixi explains the fields available and the tools available to you in the day view window. Module_-_Time_Tracker

time tracker help 001.png

2 Elements

2.1 Bar chart

The top image is a visual representation of the hours you've logged over the last 15 days. The scale changes dynamically to fit the most hours logged for a day in the 15 day window.

If no hours are logged then the column will not rise.

The bar chart is dynamic and you can click any column to go back and edit the details of that day.

2.2 Navigation

  • Update a different day allows you to choose a date from the date selector and edit the details of that day for any day in the past or future.

  • Report my Times: provides a numerical based report of your logged hours.

2.3 Printing Declaration

If the time sheets need to be printed the bars called Person and For clearly show who the time sheet is for and for what day.

This bar is also useful for administrators who have to edit other people's hours for them.

2.4 Time Windows

The default time window is set in Main Menu > Time Tracker > Management > Time Tracker Settings > Default Time Window Time_Tracker_Settings

For some projects people do work outside those hours, so the ability to adjust the time window can be done manually as required.


  • All Day view sets the time windows from 00:00:00 through 23:59:59 inclusively
  • Office Day view sets the time window from 09:00:00 through 18:29:59 inclusively
  • Long Day view set the time window from 07:00:00 through 20:29:59 inclusively

The final wixi help button opens this wixi page in a new tab or window.

2.5 Data Entry

The columns available are

Title Description Link
Time The time is for 30 minutes from 00:00 through 29:59 or 30:00 through 59:59
Project Controlled by the Projects Module, projects you have access to are included on the list
Work Type Controlled by the Projects Module, work types are the types of work you can do. This is a global list of work types which can be applied to any project
Reference If you use bxp as a ticketing system, it is possible to link the time logged with a specific ticket. This is great for reporting and tracking work done by piece of work.
Description Anecdotal commentary by the person logging to remind themselves and a reader as to what work was being done
Billable For project management some work may be chargeable to the client, some may not. Ticking the box means that the work should be billed in your opinion.
Personal Some people work on projects on their own personal time. For ISO purposes all time should be logged. For billing and HR reasons a differentiation between scheduled approved work by employers and elective work done by employees needs to be clear. This box provides clarity on elective work carried out.

Between Time and Project are three icons time tracker help 002.png

  • The up arrow means copy into this row the contents of the row above.
  • The down arrow means copy the content of this row into the next available row below. This is very handy for mass filling blocks of work.
  • The cross means delete / wipe the contents of this row.

2.6 Update Hours

The final button at the bottom of the page "Update Hours" must be clicked to log all the changes made.