Time Tracker Settings

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1 Overview

Time Tracker 020.png has a number of configuration settings. This article discusses those settings.

2 Settings

You can access the Time Tracker settings from Main Menu > Time Tracker > Management > Time Tracker - Settings

2.1 Default Time Window

Time Tracker day view is built in half hour settings. However not all office days are the same. There are three time window settings by default.

  • All : 00:00 to 23:30
  • Office : 09:00 to 18:00
  • Long Day View : 07:00 to 20:00

This setting allows you to choose the default window if no parameters are passed.

N.B. If you need a custom window using the parameters tmeStart and tmeEnd in the query string you can specific a custom start and end time window for the day.

2.2 Default Job Form

Each item in the Day view can be linked to a Job. To choose which form the jobs are linked to, choose the form from the drop down list.

You must have access to the form to be able to select it in the list. If the form is inactive, our out of date, then it will not appear in the list.

This value can be overridden on an individual basis using the Lister Type 4 field.

2.3 Job Button Title

In the day view, the default title on the button for linking a job is "Lookup a Job". You can customise this test with this option. If the text is blank then the button is not displayed at all.

2.4 Customisation Options

This option allows future customisation.

2.5 Day View - Custom JavaScript

If you need to put Customising JavaScript on the page, you can do so through this text area. Just add whatever JavaScript you would like to appear on the Day view window.

2.6 Report Group Extras

When generating grouped report data it can be useful to have customised items available for selection rather than just the defaults. Values entered here separate by commas will become extra options available in the Grouped Reporting selection list.