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1 Overview

A Role in bxp is work of a specific type. For example a company may have a department called customer care. Within that department there could be.

  • Call Centre Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Senior Agent
  • Trainer
  • Agent

bxp can support an infinite amount of roles.

These roles are reflected in a number of different reports through the system.

2 Add a Role

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Role - Add

Type in the name of the Role and click "Create the Role"

A complete list of all current Roles are listed below beneath Role Name

Roles 001.png

3 Edit a Role

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Role - Edit > Select the Role >

Change the details as required. Please remember to check the existing roles below as role names can be duplicated.

4 Delete a Role

When a role is deleted, the users default back to Role 1.

Role 1 cannot be deleted.

5 Assign a Role

There are two ways to add a role to a user

  • Individually
  • En Mass

5.1 Individually

As a user is added or edited, the option for Role is in the Primary Contact Details section.

Main Menu > System Access Management > User Administration > Add User - Security details Only > Primary Contact Details > Role

5.2 En Mass

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Group User - Modify Details > Group your Users >

From the drop down list choose "Role" and from the list that appears, choose the Role that is to be applied to the users. Select the users required to change below and click "Save and Continue" when done.

6 Role reports

Main Menu > System Access Management > System Management > Role - Profile > Select the Role >

This lists all the system users who are currently assigned this role.

Role can also be used as a selection criteria where wherever group lookups of users are performed.

A visual breakdown of users by Role can also be found on your client dashboard Bxp_Client_Dashboard_Report