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2014-03-20 13:20:00 - Quality Questions

1. When adding a question is it possible to be taken straight to the weightings page?

In place for all new types Form_Question_Weighting

2. Question Management Section – I thought this was being taken out? The options are now in there?

Extra options left in place for convenience of the user.

3. If Quality form changed to Blended, what happens to the weightings?

The weightings are saved and left in place. A blended form simply doesn't use the values

4. If Primary Options changed e.g. Quality to Inbound, Console does not update to reflect that.

This is to do with the Frame set used to draw the console. The console must be closed and opened again. This is documented as a must do e.g. Quality_Covert_Form_To_Quality_Form

5. Preload the Assessments – I injected 3 records from HR/Sales section in the Organogram. When I then went into QA to Perform an Assessment they weren’t there?

"Perform an Assessment" engine updated to auto-queue as per assignment plan.

6. Placing questions into the collapsible menu?

This is done using "Answer Values - Modify". This will be clarified in the relevant training CC-1-3,, CM-1-3, LD-1-3 and QA-1-3. It is also in Form_Section_Group

7. What happens if you don’t put any weightings on the questions? No flag

The engine is designed to handle "not enough answer values", "wrong answer values" and "incomplete scoring" assessments. There is a "Check Engine" which will go through the Form and highlight areas that might need attention. This engine will be in place this week (2014-03-20)

8. When Performing an Assessment. Score not on screen, not even a pass or fail, how do I turn that on?

Scoring engine bug. Now fixed.